Festivities and Football

By Alex Marks 

Like any bloke who lives in England, the holiday season has many reasons to celebrate. Great food, family company and a jam-packed TV schedule.

When the holidays come and go, many of us are left with a feeling of emptiness. Back to our ‘normal’ lives. This year, we suggest using that motivation, dusting off the boots and signing up to one of MAN v FAT’s football leagues. In Westminster, we offer a FREE 14-week season to gents with a BMI of 27.5 or above. 


But it’s more than football – much more, in fact.

As MAN v FAT Football continues to grow across the UK, it has become more than just 30 minutes of 6-a-side with a bunch of like-minded men once a week.  

During the lockdown, while we are not meeting up for a game of weekly footie, MAN v FAT has much more to offer. Challenge yourself with the ManVFat challenge. Take part in fun exercise challenges from your home, lose weight, score points for your team, and cheer for each other virtually. You’re also provided with nutritional guidance to keep your weight loss on track, including some great recipes that can get you back in the groove in the kitchen.

There’s access to a virtual gym with a wide range of classes for all abilities, meaning you’ve got a bit more variety in your exercise routine. MAN v FAT also provides access to a mental health platform to ensure we take care of ourselves and those around us.

ManVFat challenge

But what makes MAN v FAT Football unique? Your result on the pitch is only half the story. There are weigh-ins each week for every player – with bonus points awarded for losing 5% and 10% of the player’s starting weight over that season.

And, perhaps most importantly of all, there are thousands of men just like you who are part of the MAN v FAT Community. Whether you’ve had a good day or bad, there’ll be others in the same boat who are sharing that experience and are happy to guide you through it.

With a soon to be launched Member’s Area for all players to track their progress and find all of their membership assets in one place, the biggest question is what’s not to lose?

Sign up via ONE YOU Westminster today and be allocated a team, with the goal of winning the league and reaching your health goals.

Weigh, play, lose, win. Ready to start? 

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