Happiness in Health

By Shirin Nargis Fatima Ahmad

Happiness is an abstract concept. Finding the true meaning of happiness has vexed philosophers for centuries. The definition is different and unique to each individual. Are we happy when we laugh? Or is it when we are relaxed? Is happiness only a moment or a constant presence of enjoyment and positivity? 
Difficult questions, complex answers. 


When we talk about happiness in scientific research, we try and understand what makes up positive well-being. A common and influential study has defined happiness in three parts.


Firstly (and simply) it is when we feel joy, either by surrounding ourselves with people who we cherish or doing an activity that brings us pleasure.


Secondly it is when we have a sense of purpose or meaning, giving our life value.


And finally, it is when we feel satisfied with the life we are living. 


There have been multitudes of research looking into the relation of being happy and leading a healthier life, and they all say that people are happier when they have healthier behaviours.

Research comparing lives of ex-smokers and current smokers, have found that ex-smokers report being happier following quitting smoking and feel more satisfied with life.

The positive changes can be seen in the first 8 hours! The animation below outlines some of the benefits being smoke free has on our health and well-being.


Benefits of quitting smoking

You are three times more likely to quit smoking when you have the support of a Stop Smoking Advisor and access to medication. 

Looking for support? ONE YOU Kensington and Chelsea will support you to be smoke free with six,one to one, sessions with our stop smoking advisors and provide you with 12 weeks of medication to help you quit smoking for good. 

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