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31% of adults in Westminster don't get enough exercise. Fitting some physical activity into your day is easier than you think.

Being physically active is important for keeping a healthy body and mind at every stage of life. Being active reduces the risk of developing many diseases, including diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. It also improves mental health, sleep, concentration and mood. It is recommended that we should carry out at least 30 minutes’ moderate activity, 5-days-a-week and two 30-minute strengthening sessions.


How can we help you?

Due to the current circumstances we are offering our services remotely. So we can support you from the comfort of your home.

All ONE YOU Westminster service users can keep moving with our brand new virtual gym, The Other Room. Find exercise sessions suited to your fitness and comfort levels and get active.

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Active Westminster

Exercising is vital to staying healthy and looking after your body. Find out how you can keep active in the city with Active Westminster. 

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One You Active 10

Download the Active 10 App from the NHS website to track your walking and show you when to increase your pace to benefit your health.

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