Tis the Season to be Healthy - Part 1

By Jeanann Doyle 

The ongoing pandemic and second lockdown have probably sent most of us on a rollercoaster with our eating habits and exercise routines. Well done on making it through this year and for persevering your efforts at trying to stay healthy during this uncertain time. Many of us might have made poorer food choices leading to comfort eating and weight gain with spending more time at home. We all know the festive season can also lead to over-indulging so let’s get ahead and be prepared. Why not begin 2021 with a fresh start in taking ownership of our health. Read ahead for our top tips on keeping healthy while still being able to join in on festive fun.


Festive Breakfast

Begin each day with a nutritious breakfast. Why not have a warm and wholesome festive porridge? Add a handful of fresh or frozen fruit, a sprinkling of cinnamon and nuts or seeds for a protein boost.

Christmas porridge

Keep active

Take time out for exercise. Wrap up warm and go for a jog or walk, take the dog out, dance along to your favourite Christmas tunes or maybe you might prefer 50 festive push-ups? You can also always find a way to move more from the comfort of your home with our virtual gym.

keep active

Get good quality sleep 

For many of us, the time running up to the festive period is a stressful one with work deadlines, Christmas shopping, exams etc. Try to have rest and good quality sleep over the holidays and aim to keep a healthy sleep routine for the New Year. This boosts your immune system, mood, powers the mind and restores the body if you average 7-9 hours a night. Perhaps your body might feel like having some Happy Hour naps too.

Sleeping Christmas

Staying hydrated 

Aim for 6-8 glasses of fluid a day (especially after a few too many drinks the night before). Alcohol and indulging on salty snacks can dehydrate the body quickly. Remember to have a glass of water if you feel hungry as sometimes this might indicate thirst. Go for herbal teas instead of caffeinated drinks like soft drinks, coffee and tea. Sparkling water can be quite refreshing with fresh ginger and lime too.

water hydration

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